Adopt Gamification in Research

Using Gamification to increase participation in Research by fun and incentives

Adopt Gamification in Research
survey gamification

Gamification has increased rapidly in market research and other areas in the last few years, and survey researchers outside the market research world are beginning to adopt it—but what & does it mean?

Does gamification have any substance, and how can it be used in research? Gamification is the process of applying game-design thinking to nongame applications and activities to make them more enjoyable and, as a result, increase participation in the activity. Put more simply, it is the realization that people may more willing to participate in activities if they are fun! Gamification is affecting many aspects of the marketing, design, and entertainment industries.

Commercial enterprises use games to motivate individuals to do all kinds of activities, from exercising to shopping. Even governments are using games as a means of social engineering and revolutionizing education.The theory of gamification is particularly relevant to market research because surveys straddle the dividing line between work and fun.

 Completing a survey is, in most cases, a voluntary task done for altruistic reasons. Sometimes the offer of a small incentive is an additional motivator. In many instances, respondents are not motivated to spend sufficient time answering questions. Completing surveys is often boring because they are frequently dominated by uninspiring repetitive questions.When respondents encounter such questions, they usually answer them quickly so they can finish the survey as rapidly as possible. This type of behavior is commonly termed “satisficing” and defines the efforts by respondents to shorten the experience.

If survey designers can improve the survey experience for respondents—that is, make survey completion more fun and entertaining—respondents may pay more attention and put more effort into completing the survey. They could provide responses with more thoughtful feedback and higher quality—these benefits are the appeal of gamification.

Gamification solutions can help researchers to gamify questionnaires and surveys to motivate participants to engage for longer time .

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