KBG- one Gamification Methodology

The first comprehensive solution; software, platform ,application and program for Gamification

KBG- one  Gamification Methodology
Knowledge by gamification

Many organizations are increasingly attempting to adopt an effective convenient solution for education ,learning , training ,awareness and marketing by Gamification .

Gamification refers to the design that attempts to bring about similar positive experiences as games do,

and consequently, affect user behavior and cognitive processes . 


Web -based applications , Apple or Android applications related to gamification are easily searchable and  available , but most seekers for gamification are struggling for software or a platform that facilitate converting knowledge materials into gamified curriculum or content .

KBG -one is a comprehensive solution consisting of three main parts :

  • Content Management System (Web -Based ) :

 KBG1\CMS offers a detailed step by step approach using built-in wizard to facilitate converting any academic  textbooks , training curriculum ,  or marketing messages , into “Questions and Answers “ called “Learning Questions “.

The purpose of these questions is to trigger  curiosity to prepare learner for the suitable learning knowledge ,by explaining the write answer and reasons for wrong choices .

 For self-learning process to be effective and structured  (organized so that the parts relate well to each other ) , many factors must be considered :

  • Each learning objective must be taught through many structured levels ,so if any level not comprehended satisfactorily ,learner can’t move to next level
  • All possibilities of difficulty in understanding or comprehension must be covered by learning questions
  • Relatively difficult subjects must be enhanced by media explanation ;videos, pictures , graphs ,motions …etc.

KBG1\CMS  leads users to develop any content from A to Z ,targeting generation of maximum number of questions that insure 100%  coverage and comprehension .

KBG1\CMS offers using English and  Arabic  languages ,at the same time using all other key board .

The final step of content development is production of all questions and answers that cover 100% of the learning material .

  • Control Panel System (Web- Based ) :

KBG \ CP offers the flexibility for admin users to allocate learners (users ) to groups and sub-groups  to :

  • Control access , who will be authorized to access gamified courses or games .
  • Control timing and duration
  • Monitor performance and do diagnostic reports
  • Uploading information about rewards and prizes (motivation )


  • Mobile Application

KBG1\App is available free on Play Store – Google , Apple store and Huawei soon .

Any one can download KBG1 -Application and make quick registration directly or through social media .

Users can find free games or games that are already accessible for them .

KBG- one  solution has been developed to help gamifying all types of content .

KBG- one  is not just one of the top gamification software . is not just one of the best gamification applications , its not merely a application for gamification  .

KBG-one is the first comprehensive solution for gamification.