Product knowledge As Revenue Generator

Hidden reasons for sales drop

Product knowledge As Revenue Generator
product knowledge

Through an analytical study  of one of the major commercial companies in one of Arab countries, it was found that the main reason for the decline in sales is  due to the fact that ;80% of sales come from selling only 10% of items in the company’s warehouses, consequently most of items are relatively slow-moving.

When investigating  reasons behind, the researchers  found that most of the sales staff are new employees (high turnover of this job) whose work period in the company does not exceed two years, the prices of slow-moving items are competitive and they are not outdated, but these facts didn’t make sales deals on these items  easily successful .

In order to find out the real reasons behind this, the researchers monitored the sales staff during their work  for a period that includes most of the time and most categories of customers, the result was a lack of understanding and knowledge of the characteristics of the largest percentage of the brands, which means their tendency to promote, the brands that known to them and to ignore other brands ,to increase the probability of achieving sales deals.

With reference to the real reason for the decline in sales of most items, it was found that the company’s management does not adopt systematic training programs to train employees to “Product knowledge ” ,due to the high costs of training (trainers, halls, tools, paid working hours ... etc.) that could be lost when an employee resigns within a short period.

The high costs of training ,may stand in the way against increasing revenue  and market share.

In order to eliminate this obstacle, it is recommended to exploit technology to reduce the cost of training, by e-learning, specifically Learning by gamification or Training by gamification.

Studies have proven that knowledge By gamification is highly efficient in terms of low cost.Its effective  in terms of learners’ engagement , through psychological incentives associated with a sense of achievement, badges, medals and the leaders board, and in terms of material incentives associated with material prizes.

Any company can train its employees, especially sales and customer services employees, to understand or know its products or services  through Training By Gamification ,via mobile devices, using  specially designed solutions to facilitate the process of gamification through questions and answers in its various forms.

As one time  investment is made in developing a content enhanced with images and videos ,then  making it available to employees for use, throughout the day, during free time, holidays, etc. (there is no need to force employees to train; incentives are enough to make them addicted to it)

KPG1 - a comprehensive solution  that facilitates companies to convert any training content into a serious gamified  material without the need for experts or programmers

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