Public awareness using positive reinforcers

Awareness by Gamification relies on positive reinforcers that reward good behavior

Public awareness using positive reinforcers

Governments, international organizations and humanitarian organizations have spent billions of dollars on public awareness campaigns, including those ;1- related to health, such as awareness of AIDS or the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic,  2- related to the political environment such as awareness of the democratic process and elections, and 3- related to social affairs such as awareness of the rights of women and children ,4- related to the environment and climate, such as raising awareness about recycling and rationalizing consumption

Several studies have confirmed that in most cases these campaigns do not bear fruit as planned, as the responses were relatively weak, yet public awareness campaigns are still managed in the same way.

Will the campaign organizers think in a more efficient and effective way?

In 2017, human error accounted for 28 percent of all data breaches worldwide, according to a Ponemon Institute report. Findings reveal that human error is one of the top three root causes of data breaches, only preceded by malicious or criminal attacks.

While the majority of employees don't plan to cause harm, many do so unintentionally — through bad password habits, unrestricted surfing, or dealing with malicious email.

As a result, some governmental organizations and agencies have searched for new ways to effectively raise awareness in the application of cybersecurity rules, as one of the strategies that were relied upon is “gamification” or awareness by gamification, which was originally based on the use of positive reinforcement to reward good behavior.

According to a subsequent study that was prepared to evaluate the results , 79 %  of respondents (corporate learners and university students) said they would be more productive and motivating if their learning environment was more of a game.

Gamification awareness is more efficient and effective