Study or video games?

The problem of addiction to electronic games at the expense of study time - learning by gamification

Study or video games?
video games addiction

Most parents wait for the time when their children get bored of video games and leave them to devote themselves to study  or do more useful things, so why does that not happen?

The rule is simply related to the fun and happiness that children get as a result of uncertainty and longing for a sense of accomplishment.

The more they continue to play, the more they get pleasure and happiness, and over time, if the periods of playing not increase, they will not get the level of pleasure and happiness that they obtained in the previous times, and so on, until the process becomes completely similar to addiction. 

Many researchers have conducted many researches and studies to find out the reasons why young people and children are attached to video games and stay for long  hours on playing ,a serious conclusion has been reached that what happens to the brain is somewhat similar to what happens to drug addicts.

If children or youth play video games, their bodies release a substance called “dopamine”, which plays the role of a hormone and a neurotransmitter, it has many effects on the brain in particular, and on the human body in general.

The more dopamine activity, the greater the feeling of joy or happiness, and the less dopamine activity, the more it fades. Play more and more   to get the same level of ecstasy from the previous game.

As a result, parents must not wait for their children to get bored of video games !!

what is the cure ?

The treatment simply lies in investing the mechanisms and elements of electronic games and the consequent happiness, fun and addiction in directing positive behaviors such as serious education through gamification education.

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