The Benefits of Gamification in Business Training

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The Benefits of Gamification in Business Training
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Based on behavioral studies, gamification unleashes a learner’s positive feelings and motivations. Thus, the person becomes more engaged emotionally and enjoys the process more. As a result, one becomes more eager to learn (and work!) better. 

Gamification is intended to encourage friendly competition. It not only improves people’s engagement but makes them more productive. That’s how Microsoft achieved a 10% increase in the productivity of call center agents. The corporation used gamification to engage call center agents who struggled with tedious, excessive phone calls and had given up on training. Microsoft’s “Making Agents Great” campaign deployed leaderboards of the best agents in all offices. Those who had earned the most points in training and work became widely recognized. Friendly competition and social recognition resulted in better knowledge retention and more effective work. 

Also, scores and leaderboards can serve as tangible and countable achievements for learners.  They allow teachers and course instructors to observe the progress of their learners quickly and easily. Teachers are always aware of who is underperforming, and can readily give them a little nudge. 

So, the benefits of gamification for your business can include:

  1. Employees’ motivation to learn and work on repetitive tasks
  2. Positive feelings from the process, emotional engagement, and joy
  3. Measurable achievements and observable progress