What is the difference between educational games and (gamification)?

Distinguish the difference between learning by gamification and educational games

What is the difference between educational games and (gamification)?
Knowledge by gamification

We often hear learning by gamification  or using games in education, but the question that we must know the answer to is when did it start and what is the difference between them and what are these concepts built on?

Since 2010, there has been increasing talk about the concept of the game and the first to use it are startups and business owners in order to increase the productivity of their employees and to increase sales. The elements of the game were used in marketing, health, media and training, as well as in education, as it was the kiss of life, and the elixir that spread the spirit of competition among employees.

Here we will discuss the meaning of gamification in the educational process: it is the use of the game elements (challenge, competition, and scoring) in an educational situation or giving the student a set of tasks to complete and make progress and obtain a medal or award, and in this educational process it is not necessary win; Rather, its goal is to increase the motivation of the learner (the student), and thus progress in mastering the educational goals to be reached. It is usually easy to design and inexpensive.

As for game-based learning: the game is used as a support in the educational process and has educational goals based on the acquisition of specific concepts and information. virtual).

Therefore, the gamification process is widely used in the educational process, as it has the element of fun and fun, as well as suspense and stimulation.

It is worth noting that these concepts were built on the theories of psychology, where the elements of the game can be applied in more than one field, but in terms of education, the child in the learning stage, especially the first basic stage, needs to spend more time playing than learning, so it was easy to apply playing in learning to be appropriate for the age of the child.

 Hashemite Nour