Where digital marketing is going ?

Despite the low cost of digital marketing, there are still many negative side effects-Marketing by gamification

Where digital marketing is going ?
where digital marketing is going ?

After the spread of various social media, it has become unwise to spend huge amounts of money on advertising campaigns printed or spread in the streets or between buildings, except in very special cases.

There are many positive advantages to digital marketing, which has become trans-continental, trans-countries and trans-languages ​​at a low cost and available to all, Small home businesses and giant global companies can carry out digital marketing campaigns that reach audiences all over the world at a relatively very low cost (relative to traditional marketing costs), thanks to The Internet and various technologies are rapidly spreading these days.

But will the public still bear the violation of privacy - requesting personal information - and bear the extent of the inconvenience coming from the large number of advertisements a, that infiltrate people every time they accesses YouTube, Facebook or even  Internet sites?

People have grown tired of it, evidenced by the fact that ; a good number of YouTube followers  have taken up the paid subscription to avoid annoying ads and to enjoy the content without interruption.

There are serious negative side effects of digital marketing that lie in giving way to competitors and their audience and the audience who hate the brand or products to comment negatively, which means opposite marketing messages that may sometimes reach the extent of exceeding their originally targeted positive impact.

Spreading marketing messages to millions of people in the hope of getting a few recipients or interactors, may be somewhat similar to the process of fertilization, through which millions of sperm are sent and only one of them is used to fertilize an ovum.

To avoid the negatives of digital marketing in the current form, the so-called “marketing through gamification” or gamification marketing, which depends on motivating the audience  to interact with marketing messages, has recently appeared on the surface in the form of games that contain challenges, fun and prizes, which makes marketing more efficient and effective.
The natural evolution of digital marketing is gamification