Why do students prefer playing video games ?

reasons for students' passion for video games

Why do students prefer playing video games  ?
learning by gamification

In a survey conducted by the KPG1 team on a sample of high-achieving school students (very good and excellent) in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, to answer a question related to electronic games: Which do you prefer studying or using mobile in playing  electronic games?

 100% of the answers were the preference for electronic games.

The reason was according to the students' point of view, is the fun and enjoyment of playing versus the fatigue of studying.

 The students added that, they spend time on studying , but as a matter of duty and following up on their parents, at the same time  their hearts are attached to electronic games more.

The question is: Is there a lack of self-motivation for learning?

 In the years prior to the spread of technology, there were differences between students in terms of self-motivation to learn, due to internal factors within the school  related to the school and the teacher,  external factors related to the relationship of parents ,society and the objectives of the study

However, with the increase in population growth and the accumulation of students in classrooms as a result of the inability of most Arab governments to provide schools in a manner commensurate with the population growth, and due to the large number of holders of higher degrees while  the steady increase in unemployment rates among these, the differences between students have decreased negatively, as it became The general appearance is a low level of subjective motivation to learn. 

What made matters worse was the spread of smart portable devices among students, whether for them in particular or for a family member inside the house, where technology contributed to reducing the level of self-motivation to learn significantly, the fun associated with electronic games contributed to negative pressure on self-motivation of studying.

What's the solution ?

There are many solutions, but they need great capabilities, whether by governments or by society, as well as need a long time to show their positives, but what if we combine between serious study and electronic games so that students can have fun in education as much as  from Playing . 

International companies have developed programs and applications that help build knowledge through gamification, including KPG 1